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11 April 2009

Video: Erasing Painful Memories

From Denny: Says CBS, “Very early research that might prove promising for addition and PTSD. Too early for selective memory erasing.”

Sounds like early sci-fi and a bit unethical. Reminds me of reading science history when psychiatrists were enthralled with electrical shock therapy and lobotomies for depression. This sounds unethical and a bit spooky to me no matter how much they market it to the contrary. There are just too many ways this could be used to harm others - and easily: military torture, medical malpractice, divorce, easy way to get a hold of multi-million dollar estates and wealthy businesses. Con artists could have a field day with this research.

This video news segment makes it appear benign when clearly this could be used for great abuse of power. The real question is: Just who is behind this research AND why is it so important to them?

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