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Psychology and Neuroscience

Advances in the history of Psychology

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Brain Blog

cog news sitemap

Cognitive Daily

Cognitive Therapy Today

Live Science


NeuroLogica Blog

Postcards from the Id

Prevention Magazine - brain games


PsychHistorians Weblog


Psychology and Crime News

Research Digest Blog

The Splintered Mind

World of Psychology


About.com - Astronomy and Space blog

Accumulations - clouds blog

Astronomy Blog

Astro Engine

Astronomy for Everyone

Black Holes and Astrostuff

Cosmic Log - from MSNBC

Discovery Magazine - Bad Astronomy blog

Jack Horkheimer Star Gazer - the guy you see featured on TV a lot

Mike Brown's Planets


NASA Space Information, Shuttle Launch, Moon and Solar System, Earth, Universe, Aerona

ScientiaMag - ScientiaMag is an Online Science Blog which presents you the knowledge and information from the different worlds of the Science

science, natural phenomena, and medicine

psnt.net | positive science | negative theology - psnt.net considers questions of science and religion from the perspective of the negative way (via negativa) of the Christian contemplative tradition.

Science 2.0


Slacker Astronomy

Discovery Magazine - Space

Space Lifestyle Magazine

Starts With A Bang!

String Theory - official site

That Next Big Thing

The Daily Galaxy

The Martian Chronicles

The Night Sky Observer

The Spacewriters Ramblings

Thousands of Planets

Today in Astronomy - blog about the history of astronomy

Universe Today

Will Gator (astronomy writer)

Weird Warp - can add your science site to theirs

Earth Science

Earth Journalism Network

Volcano World FAQs

Volacano World Current eruptions and news

Volcano World Oregon State University
- original home page
Volcano World - no longer updating so go to Oregon State page


Geeks Are Sexy

Geek Sugar

URL Wire

Science and Math

American Society for Nutrition Blog (ASN) - nutrition research 

American Society for Nutrition (ASN) - fact sheets and position papers

Analysis Online - better decisions through economic, scientific and engineering analysis

CO2 Science

Discovery Channel:  Science

Energy Outlook

EurekAlert!recent postings by research institutions and science organizations

Geeks Are Sexy

Geek Girls Guide

Geek Sugar


Improbable Research

Junk Science

Knight Science Journalism Tracker

Live Science

NASA Watch - discusses all things NASA

National Academy of Sciences

New York Times blogs directory page


Niche Modeling - the power of numeracy 

Observations blog @ Scientific American - science news, general wonderings and opinion, arguments and analyses from the editors   

Physics Today News Picks

Popular Science

Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog - science, innovation, politics

Sciencebits - a random walk in science and physics

Science and Environmental Projects Editorials

The Scientific Alliance - challenging and informed scientific debate

Understanding Science - from Berkeley

Wired Science

Yale Environment 360 


Accuweather blogs

Blue Hill Observatory - oldest continuous record of weather in North America

Climate Audit

Climate Depot

Climate Observations

Icecap - International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project, is the portal to all things climate for elected officials and staffers, journalists, scientists, educators and the public.

International Institute for Environment and Development

Niche Modeling - the power of numeracy and about climate change

Real Climate - less technical, more readable

Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI)


Science Daily

Science Quotes

Scirus - science search engine research tool

the Air Vent

The Science of Doom

The Weather Wiz - a daily long range weather forecast anywhere in the world

Watts Up With That? - popular


Creative Loafing Green Community

Ecocentric - Time Magazine

Oil Gone Easy - while it is a blog for a green cleaning product it also talks intelligently about various issues requiring its product, like the Gulf oil spill.

Sustainable Future Insititute - New Zealand think tank

Fav Science and Math Sites for Kids

American Math Challenge - develop new skills, social site

Amusement Park Physics - what are the forces behind the fun?

Chem 4 Kids - basic chemistry information

Discovery Kids - the best place for science entertainment

Energy Kid's Page - energy facts for kids, games, classroom activities

Everyday Mysteries - fun science facts @ The Library of Congress

Fat Lion - science experiments you can do at home!

Geek Girls Guide

Instructables - kids science projects

Kidzui - science browser with millions of websites for kids, science experiments, projects

Mathletics - discover the math athlete in you!

National Geographic - kids section

Prehistoric Life - science and prehistoric nature @ BBC News

Relaxed Home Schooling - science experiments, projects

Science for Kids - science experiments, projects

Science Kids at Home - science experiments, projects

Science Made Simple - science experiments, projects

The Beauty Brains - Valentines Day science experiment and scientists answer beauty questions

The Science Explorer - science activities for kids

The Science of Hockey - "Sports Science" resources developed by the Exploratorium

The Weather Wiz - a daily long range weather forecast anywhere in the world


Committee on Human Rights

American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - allergy news

National Allergy Bureau - pollen counts

Work Joke - science jokes and jokes about other professions

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