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08 April 2009

Astronomy: Another Astreroid Buzzed Earth Today

From Denny: Apologies to everyone who has been looking for recent brain and astronomy articles from me. Spent the past couple of weeks recovering from allergy season which usually never affects me. Must be the global warming or something equally geeky...

Anyway, I'm getting back to finding more than just videos for you. Though I have recently discovered a real treasure chest of well-produced videos from reputable sources. YouTube may have quantity but it suffers from quality and a plethora of inaccurate, misleading or downright bad information that in good conscience I just can't put up here for the public. I vett everything that goes up here on all my blogs, especially keeping in mind that parents and children are a big part of my audience. Thanks for supporting this blog! Now on to the latest news to almost affect our little planet called Earth.


Ha ha, you missed us!Image by anomalous4 via Flickr

Another so-called small asteroid buzzed us today of April 8th – welcome to the celestial Easter season – apparently, this size of asteroid whizzes past the Earth every few months. For a post by a Canadian astronomer, Nite Sky Girl, go here.

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