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09 April 2009

Astronomy Blog Review: Nite Sky Girl

solar_systemImage by Royalty-free image collection via Flickr

Nite Sky Girl Blog for Beginner Astronomers!

When you first land on this blog it feels like you just got dropped out into space and are floating in the vast blue ocean of space viewing the planets and galaxy! Your fun greeting welcome when you arrive on this Canadian astronomer’s blog? “Astronomy rocks and so do you for orbiting my blog!”
Curious about a particular planet? There is a section for that where you can click on your favorite planet and find out the latest news. There are also sections to find out and view photos of comets and meteors. She has sky videos galore as well.

Especially for the beginner astronomer and kids is a question and answer area about space and astronomy you will enjoy. Most of the material is geared for older kids who can learn some of the astronomy specifics and vocabulary.

Not to be missed are her very readable extensive listings on the Astronomy News Page, as it is on a separate blog, go here.

If you need night sky help she answers email questions about what is the right telescope or binoculars for you.

Nite Sky Girl is a rocking blog you will enjoy visiting again and again!

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