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26 April 2009

5 Food Articles and Videos You Might Enjoy

From Denny: All my nine blogs are basically a research and reading list of interesting subjects I find on the web from day to day. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that the folks who subscribe to one blog don't subscribe to another! :) (BTW, THANKS for subscribing, much appreciated!)

I used to try and bookmark a lot of this on StumbleUpon and other sites and found it took far longer than throwing it up on a blog and then linking to a social site!

So, I thought I'd start making the effort to cross-pollinate the blogs so if you missed something you might find useful or interesting on other blogs besides the one you are reading right now - sort of a roundup of the past week's best I've found or re-written for an easier read.

Here are 5 selections from the Comfort Food From Louisiana blog that also include videos to enjoy. Take a look!

Recipes and video: Spring Comfort Food on a Budget From Former Ballerina (turned chef) - wonderful easy menu!

Drink: Concord Berry Sparkle - simple, easy with or without alcohol.

Appetizer: Warm Pepperoni Pizza Olives - weekend snacking with lots of protein.

New Orleans Restaurant Review and Recipes: Boucherie - from a regional magazine that gives you prices, addresses, recipes in case you decide to visit New Orleans you will know what to expect.

New Trend on Grocery Savings - Grocery Auctions! - how America is adjusting to a down economy and still eating well!
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