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28 April 2009

Brain: Are You a Super Recognizer of Faces?

From Denny: Over at Cognitive Daily they have a fun little face quiz. Can you identify the four famous faces? I'm comment #58 in that long list of fun comments.

A study was done about face perception and researchers were surprised that a group of "super recognizers" emerged to easily and accurately identify faces repeatedly whether they were famous or not. The photos were of younger faces or lesser known photos of the famous.

"But what is at the root of the super-recognizers' special ability? One possibility is that rather than having superior memory, they are actually better at recognizing differences between faces."

Personally, as listed in my comment on their article, there are a lot of distinctive "tells" a person displays, most of them on their face. But then maybe I'm just one of those "super recognizers"! I'll be sure to add it to my resume as Accomplishments instead of under the category of Hobbies... :)

Take a look at the short informative article at Cognitive Daily by clicking on the title link, a very interesting study with more details than I've given here.

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