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03 February 2011

20 Funny Winter Weather Cartoons

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From Denny:  With all the severe winter weather we are having across America, stuck at home with nothing to do but cruise the internet for entertainment, well, you knew I just had to put up some funny weather cartoons on this blog. It's even quite cold in south Louisiana!  Sure am glad that Mardi Gras isn't until March 8th and maybe it will warm up by then.

Not to be missed is also the post for Groundhog Day over at The Social Poets: Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Early Spring for 2011

I wondered why so many people were visiting my last year's Groundhog Day post when I discovered that the official site for Puxsatawney Phil was so overwhelmed all they had up was a small amount of text for this year's predictions.

Turns out that last year I posted a lot of their Groundhog Day trivia, a Groundhog Cookie recipe and other funnies. So, if their site is still jammed you can check out and laugh at a lot of what I have in that post.

BTW, you can just right click on the embed codes that are no longer supported and go directly to the cartoon site to view that particular cartoon.  No worries!

And from Phil the Groundhog:

Flight Deck

2011 Winter weather storms:

Gary Varvel

Gary Varvel

Strange Brew

Dan Wasserman

Winter weather of record snowfall across America creating some grumpy folks:

Dana Summers

Drew Sheneman

Strange Brew

Chris Britt

Jack Ohman

John Sherffius

Walt Handelsman

Walt Handelsman

Moderately Confused

Moderately Confused

Moderately Confused

Jerry Holbert

Jerry Holbert

Clay Bennett

Steve Kelley

OK, make that 23 Funny Winter Weather Cartoons as I just found more:

Gary Markstein

Steve Breen

Walt Handelsman

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