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19 April 2009

Astronomy: Nebulas - nature's wonders hidden from many.

Nebulas - nature's wonders hidden from many:

"What are Nebulas?

Nebulas are interstellar bodies; clouds of dust, (hydrogen, alpha and beta) gas and plasma. The mixture attracts other matter and finally beautiful stars are formed. Some nebulas form while the stars are in the process of formation and others are formed while stars undergo destruction. You can often sight them in a dark night."

By nazishnasim @ HubPages

The "Pillars of Creation" from the E...Eagles Head Image via Wikipedia

From Denny: This is a great basic introduction to the subject of nebulas. A lot of nebula photos to stare at in wonderment!

Photos of Crab Nebula and Pillars of Creation (Eagles Head) Nebula

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