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24 March 2009

Physics: Spooky Physics

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Spooky Physics: "Entangled particle research has largely been ignored and left unexplored by science because it shows a variance in the very theories of physics that we depend on in many fields of study. Einstein coined the term “spooky physics” in regard to entanglement because it defied his theories and though he knew it to exist he did not choose to understand it or to focus on that aspect of physics.

Some scientist believe entangled particles to be the basis of our memories or conscious mind. Some romantics believe it to be basis for 'soul mates.' What ever the relationship, it is a fascinating theory that will start to reveal itself more and more as we shift towards 'new age' thinking; a connectedness of the mind and mindful thinking."

By focus on living @ HubPages

From Denny: Fascinating subject! I'm always bemused at how scientists keep trying to redefine the spiritual as something else. It is engaging to watch the vocabulary dance as they rename and deconstruct a huge subject with infinite layers. So now the connectedness of spirituality is called "entangled particle physics."

This new vocabulary does suggest another article I read about how humanity is moving toward right brain dominance and away from left brain control. The right brain handles linking of many concepts and can synthesize disparate elements into an innovative new situation or object like art.

Maybe scientists are beginning to use their right brain thinking more to help understand many layered concepts that defy the plodding attitude of the left brain. It seems the science community is in a transition of sorts. Where it leads is still a mystery. I like a good mystery! The journey is the most fun part of all.

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