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04 March 2009

21 Guilty Pleasures for Geeks

From techgadget.com comes this little amusing musing:

21 Guilty Pleasures for Geeks

(Things you don't even admit on anonymous forums)

“It's OK, you're in safe company. We know you didn't really buy that gadget because it could interface seamlessly with the cloud, or because it offers the best range of features for Small to Medium Enterprises, or even because it has the fastest processor this side of a supercomputer.

You just like touching its rubbery buttons and the fact that it goes 'ping'.

You're not alone. In fact, while you're here there are some other guilty pleasure that we'd like to share...”

From Denny: Looks like I have plenty of company, scary, isn't it?! :) That's what I get from growing up around one too many engineers, physicists and mathematicians - a love of gadgets!
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