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28 March 2009

Astronomy: Watch NASA's launch in streaming video

NASA image

From Denny: Tom's Astronomy Blog is dedicated only to astronomy and is well ranked; be sure to check it out!

From: Tom's Astronomy Blog

STS-119 Landing (Discovery)

Current Status (1st opportunity): Go

De-orbit Burn: 12:33 EDT

Landing Time: Saturday (28 Mar 09), 13:39 EDT

Primary Landing Site: KSC

Second Attempt if necessary: 15:14 EDT @ KSC


Here are a couple of links to streaming video from NASA-TV for those who either don’t get it on satellite/cable or can’t otherwise watch.

They will have lauch video too. A link is provided on the right of this page for the future.

Note: Likely best viewed with broadband.


Real Media

Windows Media Player

NASA TV from United Space Alliance using Real Media.

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