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01 May 2010

Gulf Coast Oil Rig Disaster Slammed: Political Cartoons 1 May 2010

From Denny: OK, I live on the Gulf Coast of Mexico in Louisiana. May I be the first to say, "Thank you, British Petroleum, upon behalf of the American taxpayers and the struggling seafood industry in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Florida, oh, thank you for lying to us about the impact of your arrogant Titanic style oil rig that "was too big to fail." You have done us such a service.

You have made the American taxpayers realize we cannot trust foreign governments to do their part and clean up their own environmental messes. Not only did you lie to us, you lied to the world. Not only are you "flocking" cheap, you delayed jumping on a solution for this disaster in a timely manner, therefore, with a depraved indifference, you allowed the disaster to multiply when it could have been contained and minimized.

Might I also add, oh, thank you, for refusing to create a clean up plan and not submitting it to our Dept. of Energy because you were so arrogant as to believe you would never have to be responsible for billions of dollars of economic loss, loss of wildlife and their sanctuaries and job loss.

Oh, mighty oil and gas companies, the public bows at your feet for your magnanimous disservice to the world. Somehow, the Cover My A$$ agenda of yours backfired and the truth leaked out as fast as the crude oil into the ocean. This could take a decade from which to recover, no thanks to you and your greedy CEO.

Now, will someone please ban the British off our shores in a timely manner? While you are at it, ban the Saudis from owning our banks and our ports. How crazy is that? We allow known terrorist countries to own our economic system. Did any of our brilliant government leaders ever consider that maybe the most effective way to take down an enemy is from within the economic system???

Speaking of destroying us from within, why oh, why is the President actually giving the green light to the oil industry to do more drilling off our coasts? Has he learned nothing from the current disaster? And while he's on that learning curve, he needs to investigate his own Dept of Energy and which nitwit OK'd British Petroleum without a clean-up plan in the first place. Fire them. They are not good stewards of our resources for one. Additionally, it smells like just maybe there is a bribe in the dark here or why else would BP have passed muster when they should not have?

Anyway, rant aside, these are some great political cartoons about the recent and ever-growing oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, right off the shore of my state of Louisiana. I do so love the way our federal government does not give Louisiana the promised oil royalties to clean up the mess these American and foreign oil companies do to the land and the ocean in our area - and they have been destroying the land for decades now. The energy companies take what they want and then leave us, the local taxpayers, with the mess. Is is any wonder that Louisiana is known for its poverty?

Then our corrupt state government is busy using those sporadic federal monies to build bridges to literally nowhere and pocketing the rest for their campaigns for President like current Governor Bobby Jindal.

It's no wonder the wildlife is leaving America and flying to safer shores. I hope they save room for me and mine as we just might be joining them sooner than later to escape the cultural and political madness here.

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