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03 May 2010

Video: Check Out the River Monsters Swimming Near You

Fish with scary teeth lives in a river

From Denny: Check out what could be living in a river near you! These are some toothy, scary fish sporting dinosaur style ripping and shredding teeth to make mince meat of a swimmer. Look out for those murky waters where you can't really see well what is swimming near you.

Biologist Jeremy Wade, who is an extreme angler, also hosts "River Monsters" on the popular Animal Planet cable channel. Wade says scientists know little of what lurks on the bottom swimming in our rivers all over the globe and our rivers make for the last frontier of discovery for scientists.

In the aquarium is a smaller version of the red-tailed catfish like he caught that was over five feet long. There are stories of catfish who have grabbed a hold of small children and drug them down to the bottom of the river much like alligators do in the Florida Everglades or Louisiana swamps.

Catfish have small eyes and bad eyesight. The way they get around on the bottom of a murky river with limited eyesight is by smelling the water through their feelers. Wade said those feelers are much like using your nose turned inside out to explore your world.

What's notable about catfish in particular - maybe because they are bottom dwellers? - is Japanese scientists have discovered the catfish can predict the coming of earthquakes far earlier and more reliably than scientific instruments. Naturally, the Japanese have taken up a serious study of the catfish to figure out how they do it.

The fearsome Tiger Fish with one-inch sharp teeth was one of Wade's discoveries as shown in the photo. The Tiger Fish has the same teeth as a Great White Shark.

Once these fish were thought the stuff of myths and Wade went to go find out the truth. Check out some of his discoveries.

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