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08 May 2010

Funny Wall Street Cartoons - 8 May 2010

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From Denny: Bet those high-flying irresponsible good ol' frat boys over on Wall Street are so glad that the BP oil slick is front and center in the news this week. They think they are off the hot seat for the moment. Actually, with this week's hinky sudden 1,000 point drop in only five minutes during stock trading triggered a whole lot of suspicion world wide. They weakly tried to claim that some inept stock trader inserted the wrong letter for "billion" when they were supposed to insert the word "million." Nice try when you were interviewed, Goldman Sachs, but weak.

Who is going to believe that after a week of Congressional testimony discussing how to bet "short" on a stock? Looks like someone thought it would be funny to "short" Proctor and Gamble and then clean up some serious profits. Those profits need to be returned and the inept stock trader and his crafty cunning bosses need to go to jail. They almost collapsed a large American company and may have triggered yet another economic collapse. The American taxpayers simply will not bail out these jerks one more time.

As it is, when we gave them bailout monies to hire American workers, what did they do? They fired thousands of American workers as soon as they received the monies and then went and hired thousands of foreign workers using our American taxpayer money. Americans got stabbed twice by Big Business. Time to rein in the Greed Monsters on Wall Street, Mr. President and Congress. Quit enabling them to cheat us.

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