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26 June 2009

Tested: Bedside Brainwave Scanner Grades Your Ability to Sleep

From Denny: Here's something interesting over at Popular Science. People have trouble sleeping because of stress, worry about paying the bills, job loss, and now the extreme summer heat.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"What's it like sleeping with a new device that scores your slumber quality, minute by minute, night by night?

A new device called the Zeo promises to help stamp out bad sleep and wasted time in bed, by bringing deep analysis of sleep patterns, formerly the province of professional sleep laboratories, into the home.

The Zeo comes in two parts: a bedside unit that looks like an alarm clock, with a handsome blue-on-black vacuum-fluorescent display; and a headband with a fairly low-profile black box mounted on its front. Strap on the headband before bed, and as you sleep, it wirelessly transmits data about your brainwaves to the bedside unit.

In the morning, the Zeo gives you a "ZQ" rating -- a score for your night's sleep ranging from 0 to 120. The concept is simple, but having a quantitative measure of sleep quality that you can keep an eye on over a period of time is a boon to those who want to keep an eye on their nights; one of the traditional problems with sleep, of course, is that you're not conscious to observe it firsthand."

For the rest of the article just click on the title link! Thanks for visiting!

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