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07 June 2009

Education: How Gifted Children Are Assessed

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How Gifted Children Are Assessed:

"It takes more than test scores that indicate whether or not a child is gifted. While IQ tests are certainly a factor in determining giftedness, they're not everything. It's also important to note than few professionals are specifically trained to assess gifted children. The gifted child has special education and emotional needs. If you suspect your child may be gifted, find a qualified professional with experience in working with gifted kids.

Testing involves administering standardized tests that report results in numbers. The information provided from tests is limited. Assessment is more interactive and requires a highly trained and experienced evaluator."

By Lela Davidson @ HubPages

From Denny: Useful information for every parent to understand how their child is evaluated. Just click on the title link to take you to the rest of the article.

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