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05 June 2009

Abstract Optical Illusions: Faces

First you will notice a man's face. Look closely and you will also see a word spelled out on the diagonal. Hint: Begins with the letter "L."

Saving the best for last. If the text is too small on the photo here are the instructions:

1 – Relax and concentrate on the 4 small dots in the center for about 30 seconds

2 – Change your focus over to a wall near you, a smooth single-colored surface

3 – A circle of light will begin to develop

4 – Blink your eyes a few times and a figure will begin to emerge

5 – What do you see – who do you see?

This is one of the coolest illustions I've seen yet and the last thing I ever expected! Our brains can entertain us all day long...
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