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11 March 2011

Memory Tricks For Your Brain: Visualizing

From Denny: When you are a student there always seems to be endless dates and quotes to remember. And you know you will probably never see those same inconsequential offenders ever again for the rest of your entire life - and that of everyone you know. :)

When I was a little girl I used to get yelled at for doing these short stories in my head to help me remember things. My parents thought me weird. OK, I even got yelled at in a play writing class when I was one of two juniors in a class with grad students. The professor was some miffed he needed two more bodies to fill the class or he wouldn't get paid that semester for the class.

So, he was no fan of the Undergrad Two and rode us constantly. He was thoroughly exasperated as to how I was not crumbling up wads of paper and throwing them in the waste can (pre-computer days) or thoroughly frustrated while going through the supposedly torturous writing process.

I told him I write in my head. He looked at me like I was from Mars. I told him when the movie was finished in my head, after re-writing the scenes, then I would put it down on paper. And I did. He liked the little one-act play and was forever silent on what to him was a very foreign and unorthodox writing process.

I sure do love technology. It's as if I was born for tech. The keyboard can almost keep up with my flying fingers and rapid thoughts. However, since I'm a right-brained type who figured out how to live in a left-brained world, I also know there are a lot of left-brain types who struggle with visualization. It's downright torturous for them.

You might be one of those people who never learned well or easily how to do this for yourself. While I don't expect you to write a movie in your head, you may find this short video quite useful for improving your memory under pressure.

Right-brained people can profit from this video as well.  You might be someone who thinks in pictures but has problems sounding coherent in a left-brained environment.   This process can help organize your thoughts to come out of your mouth in a more efficient way for people to be able to relate to what you are discussing.

You probably already know about how to take a word or phrase you want to remember - but it's so damned dull your brain starts to snooze - so you have to come up with a memory trick to make it exciting for your brain to retain it. This video shows you the basic process to get going on it. The rest is up to you to experiment with it, adjusting it to your personality to create a great fit. Have some fun and Happy Writing In Your Head! :)

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