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20 February 2011

Funny Technology Cartoons - 20 Feb 2011

La madre nube.Technology: The Road More Traveled - Image by Tool H via Flickr

You know it's really bad when a computer can beat you at everything... including that...

Jerry Holbert

MIke Thompson

Gary Markstein

A sign of the times...

Dan Wasserman

Who are these melodramatic programmers?

Steve Sack

Wow! "Facebook" is now a verb - another to add to the Dumbest Words List...

Jeff Stahler

Awww... the new cute...

Moderately Confused

Nabbed the ornery culprit sneaking around in my virtual world!

Moderately Confused


Speed Bump

OK, in this tech world are there any creative types left to breed?

Moderately Confused

"What Would Ludwig Do?"  Better yet, "What Would Mozart Do?" He was the wild child who liked to swing from the chandeliers after writing a few sheets of music.  Ya know, get three sheets to the wind drunk, write a few sheets, get three sheets to the wind some more, write, write, write...

Moderately Confused

Oh, the anonymity of the online romance -  until it's too late...

Speed Bump

So, now the family cat and the family dog are comparing YouTube hits? What is this world coming to?

Moderately Confused

Hey! Writers have to change with the times.  You know the saying, "Publish or perish!"

Moderately Confused

If this is what my health care premiums are paying for then I want my money back...

Moderately Confused

The one time a smart phone may save your sorry drunken life - and a few others too.  Hurray for technology!

Nick Anderson

Ocean Circulation Conveyor Belt. The ocean pla...Image via Wikipedia

OK, and a climate change cartoon with a nod to this winter's miserable snow and ice season:

Chip Bok

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