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15 October 2009

Video: Meet the Human Calculator

From Denny: This guy, Scott Flansburg, is impressive. He's the Guinness World Record Holder of the fastest human calculator. What is more impressive is he says he has learned to see numbers in a new way than can revolutionize how we teach math to our children. Now that got my attention! He calls his just discovered new math trick The Nine Equation.

What he's talking about is that currently kids are taught math through rote memorization which makes no sense. He is teaching a technique of how to work math that it does make sense, turning on the calculator portion of our brains.

Flansburg is out promoting The American Math Challenge to get kids excited about math: AmericanMathChallenge and Mathletics. By the way, in this generation of girls, they have caught up statistically with their male peers in math!

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