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21 September 2009

Video: Greenlands Ice Melt to Create Colossal Oceans Rise Worldwide

From Denny: Great. Here we go again with the Doomsday reports. This one is trumpeting that if the ice on Greenland melts at a rapid rate we will see oceans rising at a colossol rate the world over.

Well, for the past 30 years this scientist has been studying the local ice, gasses and sediment trapped in the ice from the time of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that destroyed Pompei. Much of the ice he studies is snow that fell over 60,000 years ago! His studies have taught him how the Earth's climate has changed over a long period of time.

Greenland's ice has gone through dramatic change in the past decade. Today the ice is 4500 feet shorter and a lot thinner. Clearly, the times they are a changing. All right, everyone, let's starting ordering the moving vans. All together now: moving to higher ground! (just like our ancestors probably did...)

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