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29 September 2009

Video: Dreams Explained and What We Can Learn From Them

From Denny: Did you know that you can dream up to 20 dreams in one night? Dream analysis has long been the subject of fascination for the psychology world as well as the general public. These ladies discuss the most common dreams and to remember that dreams are metaphors in your life.

What's fun is to keep a notebook by your bed and when you wake up in the middle of the night, record as much as you can remember. Even when a dream is vivid and you think you will remember it easily a few hours later, you often don't. I've written some of my best poetry and other writings like this in the middle of the night, sketching down some brief thoughts or insights.

They also talk about how you can train yourself to remember your dreams. True. They also said you can go back into a dream that isn't going well and rewrite it to a better scenario. Also true. You can even incubate a dream to help you solve a problem in your waking life. True. I've done them all. Why waste a nightly resource of eight hours working for you to help you have a better life?

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