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23 September 2009

3 Videos: Atlanta Badly Flooded, Damage at $250 million

From Denny: Having lived in Atlanta, I knew full well this could happen one day. What this video does not say is that most of the suburban areas and high end shopping centers on the west side of Atlanta are built upon, you guessed it, a flood plain!

That's why a lot of those flooded buildings were not insured as they could not get insurance or the cost was prohibitive. At the time I lived there the flood plain of the Atlanta area had not flooded in 100 years. The builders and business people were confident it would never happen. Mother Nature had other plans.

This was 21 September when only 20 inches of rain had fallen:

This was filmed on 22 September:

This was when 50 inches of rain had fallen by 23 September:

Today, as I write this post it has been raining all day. The weather systems in this part of America starts the rain in Houston, comes east to southern Louisiana and then moves on east on to Atlanta, Georgia. We may be seeing some more videos of this terrible excessive flooding in Atlanta because it's been raining here all week.
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