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30 July 2009

Interesting Science News Links

From Denny: Social sites are great! You find the most interesting, and, OK, sometimes just plain odd and weird, headlines. Here are a few I culled for today's enjoyment:

From ScienceDaily.com - Bizarre Walking Bat Has Ancient Heritage - A bizarre New Zealand bat that is as much at home walking four-legged on the ground as winging through the air had an Australian ancestor 20 million years ago with the same rare ability, a new study has found.

From their educational site - University of Hawaii Astronomer Takes Sharpest Picture of Pluto System - this article is from 2007 yet still compelling. "Almost 30 years after the discovery of Pluto's large moon, Charon, a University of Hawaii astronomer has used a ground-based telescope to take an image of the Pluto system that exceeds the sharpness possible with the Hubble Space Telescope." At least that's what they claimed before newer photos have come in. :) There are images of Pluto's THREE moons which makes it interesting for me.

From Space.com way back in 2003 - New Theory: Universe Was Born in a Black Hole - "If black holes and the Big Bang befuddle you, try wrapping your brain around this one: The entire universe may have been created in an explosion inside a black hole." And here I've been wasting my time watching YouTube videos when these guys are a regular laugh riot in how they present their view of science information!

The Independent Science - Why We Swing Our Arms When We Walk - "Although it may seem obvious why people swing each of their arms in opposition to their legs, scientists have puzzled over the practice for many decades because it seemed to serve no mechanical function given that the arms do not touch the ground.

One extreme theory even proposed that arm swinging while walking was hard-wired into the human nervous system and served no modern purpose because it was a vestigial relic left over from when our animal ancestors walked on all fours."

OK, this last one really had me laughing because when does common sense enter into the world of scientific research? Almost never seems to be the answer. Sign me up for grant money; I'll make billions and the world will be a better place!

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