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24 July 2009

40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Men of the Moon Photo by RALPH MORSE / Time Life Pictures / Getty

From Denny: Time magazine has pulled out all the stops to remind us of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. It's like Kennedy's assassination, people remember where they were that day when they saw the footage. For me, I wasn't in America but in Taiwan, impatient to hear the audio in English translation instead of in Chinese. It still was a thrill for a schoolgirl and watched with other kids whose parents were on government assignment abroad.

Logo Apollo 13 {{he|הלוגו של אפולו 13}} {{pl|L...Apollo 13 Insignia Image via Wikipedia

Time: "Profiles of the Apollo crews, photos, video and an interactive graphic which shows the successful missions that have landed on moon's surface." For all their goodies, especially the interesting profiles, go here.

These are all their featured videos, enjoy!

Video: How Apollo 11 Got to the Moon - When the Apollo 11 mission reached the moon, it was the successful culmination of several missions over nine years

Video: Why America Hasn't Gone Back to the Moon - To accomplish the feat of putting human footprints on the moon, it took lots of money, people, political will -- and a cold war. Can we do it again?

Video: Apollo 11: Final Approach - Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin avoid near catastrophe on their final approach to Tranquility Base

Video: Apollo 8: First Broadcast From the Moon - The Apollo 8 mission was a bright spot at the end of an otherwise bleak 1968. America watched in awe as astronauts broadcast live pictures from the moon

Video: Apollo Astronaut Jim Lovell - Astronaut Jim Lovell famously said "Houston, we have a problem." He talks with TIME's Jeffrey Kluger, who co-authored his book about Apollo 13. He also piloted Apollo 8, flew on Gemini 7 and Gemini 12.

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