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10 February 2012

Dennys Funny Quotes: Fight Racism: Pass On This Funny Joke

Dennys Funny Quotes: Fight Racism: Pass On This Funny Joke: From Denny: Thanks to Niles Calder on Google+ for posting this good one. Be sure to visit his page and include him in your circle!

OK, so the journalist in me just had to edit the misspellings and grammatical errors... :) That's what you get when you are related to a beloved aunt who taught English literature and insisted upon all in its proper place.

Why stop there? Since there are differences between American and British English that confuse Americans I corrected the word choices and language flow. So, if you are British, Australian or Indian be sure to read the original on Calder's page - just so you don't end up confused.

Apparently, this joke goes back as far as 1998 and the days of the email sharing of favorite urban legends - according to Snopes.

And yet this garbage attitude continues to persist. Just check out my post over at The Social Poets: Prayer Curse: Republicans Call For Obama Death for a recent example. Until people grow up will things change for the better.

Do what you can to make the world a better place. When you protect the civil rights of others, you also protect your own. Helping others helps you too. Can Life get any better than that? It's that simple.
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