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29 January 2011

Funny Technology Cartoons For A Laugh

Get a grin at some crazy cartoons about living in a tech world and enjoy a fish head photo illusion. Some embed codes no longer function on this post.  The Big However is that you can just right click to go directly to the cartoon site for that particular cartoon to view it! 

Oh, the harsh struggles of the living in the technological world...

Chan Lowe

Awww, a fan of tech poets

Moderately Confused

Uh, "Do ya think?" you could wait until summer for that study???

Henry Payne

Yep, that about says it all, dropped calls deserve their own reality show.

Steve Breen

Ooh, clever woman, uses new technology to help the lifestyle get in under budget!

Dana Summers

Sigh... there is something about the low tech feel of a book in your hands even if it can't trot around the world and play fetch for the classics

Jeff Stahler

Geek version of early romance

Moderately Confused

Sure changes the paradigm of  the sentimental roll-your-eyes-too-dull versions of elementary Dick and Jane books of yesteryear 

Moderately Confused

Oh, the perils of the newest of new technology until...

Henry Payne

"The best laid plans of mice and men..."

Steve Breen

Love this one - it's so rich - like slathering heavy whipped cream on a skinny joke! :)

Speed Bump

Oh, yeah...

Speed Bump

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