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24 July 2010

BP Oil Spill Cartoons - 24 July 2010

*** Check out some stellar cartoons this week whiplashing BP over the Gulf oil spill.

From Denny: Of course, the arrogance of cavalier CEOs is easy fodder for the cartoonists and their mighty pens. The mocking and sarcasm dripped heavy this week... :) Check out their latest political humor and opinions about the ongoing environmental disaster.

Everyone here on the Gulf coast is practically holding their breath and wondering how long the temporary containment cap will hold on the damaged well head. While we wait we might as well laugh about it as the gallows style of humor has taken hold of America in recent months because of the economy and this oil spill.

Bruce Beattie

Jeff Stahler

Gary Varvel

Steve Breen

Clay Bennett

Chip Bok

Moderately Confused

Steve Benson

Steve Sack

Steve Kelley

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*** Bozo Sapien photo by I'm Fantastic @ flickr

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