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01 February 2010

Last Resort Climate Fix: Geo-Engineering

From Denny: Thank you everyone who has been checking back on this blog. I took some time off the first of the year and was ready to start writing science posts again - and then the Haiti earthquake hit.

One of my cousins goes in and out of Haiti often, donating her time as a music teacher. Yes, turns out she was there - along with 45,000 other Americans - when the earthquake devastated the place. The family has been trying frantically for weeks to find out if she survived. Official channels were jammed with high call volume and unofficial channels were chaotic to say the least. We did manage to confirm through several of her music friends they had talked to her immediately after the earthquake.

Finally, more than two weeks later she got a message out to her family. She is fine with only minor bruising and she plans to remain for a while to help the people of Haiti.

Now that big drama is resolved it's on to the science... You can bet since the Haiti incident I've been looking at a lot of articles about earthquakes and violent weather! :)

Check out the latest science idea - which I find incredulous. It seems humanity keeps trying to take on bigger and bigger projects without fully thinking through the unintended consequences.

How smart is this? First humanity develops destructive atomic bombs, biological warfare, then Star Wars armed space satellites and now we are going to start tinkering with Mother Nature's weather systems we still don't understand well? Where does the arrogance of "because we can" and the fear of what we might lose intersect with wisdom?

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