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09 January 2010

Most Popular Posts 2009 at The Soul Calendar

Check out the most popular posts this year that concentrated on news about the brain and astronomy.

From Denny: Thank you for your support this year! So many interesting articles to write about science news and so little time to produce them... This year it was fascinating to write about the strides science has made in understanding more about the brain. Illusions are always great fun to ponder too. Astronomy is the universe without and the brain is the universe within. :)

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Here's the most popular posts for 2009:

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Video: How Weird Would Earth Look with Saturns Rings?

Rare Blue Moon Shines on New Years Eve, Origin of 6 Meanings

Check Out Cosmic Generator Producing Energy at Rate of 100K Suns

Slamming Low-Ride Satellite Maps Earths Magnetic Field

Funny Halloween Quotes, Halloween Cartoon

Brain: Free Printable Brain Teasers Are Used In Business As Motivational Tools

10 Funny Quotes, Late Night Show Funnies, Spiritual Thought of the Day, Why Obama Deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Astronomy: Butterfly Nebula

Fingerprint Science Project for Kids

5 Funny Quotes That Spit on Death

Astronomy: Hand of God Nebula

Just How Do You Store All That Sun Power From the Solar Panels Anyway?

Brain: Relationship of Thinning of Brain's Cortex Linked to Depression

Video: Test Your Moon Trivia, Learn Whats in Your Night Sky

Can You Really Separate the Liars from the Truth-Tellers?

Astronomy: Photo of Our Galactic Center!

How Senator Ted Kennedy Affected Your Life in America

3 Octupi Videos: Escape of the Shapeshifting Octupus

Video: Who Lives in the 11th Dimension?

Millions Watch Solar Eclipse: Awe and Fear

10 Things You Didn't Know About the Apollo Landing

40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Video: Nuclear Weapons, Who Has Them and How Much?

CNN: Japanese Fishermen Brace for Giant Jellyfish

Brain: Our Culture Influences How Our Brains Function

Brain: Can Science Rekindle Romantic Flames?

Brain: Synchronized Brain Waves Focus Our Attention

Cool Optical Illusion: Rotating Circles

3 Abstract Optical Illusions

Coming Soon: Photographic Memory in a Pill?

Did an ice age boost human brain size?

Video: Children Who Are Spanked Have Lower IQs

Brain: Creative Problem Solving with SCAMPER - over at Lite Mind blog that looks for ways to use our minds efficiently
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