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13 May 2012

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Best Funny Mothers Day Quotes, Trivia, Photography, Poetry

First Annual International Awards Dinner of th...

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Best Funny Mothers Day Quotes, Trivia, Photography, Poetry: From Denny:  Today is the day we honor the mothers in our lives.  Sometimes, those mothering women are our fond memories of those who helped us to become better and stronger people today.

They may be our biological or adoptive mothers, grandmothers, aunts, older friends who mentored us, fabulous school teachers.  Whoever the best women are in your lives, take a moment today and this week to enjoy the best of what they gave to you.

As I've blogged over the past few years, there are now a happy pile of women inspired posts and some very funny Mother's Day quotes to enjoy:
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10 May 2012

51 Spectacular New 2012 Super Moon Photos

Super Moon in Clouds 2012
Super Moon in Clouds 2012 - Newfoundland, Canada

From Denny:  Forget what the main stream media put up for Supermoon photos.  I found some superior ones over at flickr from both amateur and professional photographers.  They also tell you how they constructed these photos or video from a series of photos.  In this post are 49 photos and two videos.

And, yeah, I like to promote photographers so any info they provided with their awesome photos is posted here too so you can purchase prints or visit their websites.  Most of these photos are All Rights Reserved, some are Creative Commons, some ask to be licensed for Getty Images.  All have embed codes available for your blog or site.  Be sure to click on the photos to take you to their flickr pages for more wonderful photography to enjoy!

03 May 2012

Astronomy: Tonite Trio Saturn, Moon and Star Spica Triple Threat

CREDIT: Starry Night Software
From Denny:  Does this month get any better?  We have a Super Moon on Saturday too.  Tonight, 3 May 2012, is a special treat for skywatchers about an hour after the sun sets.  Look up in the sky and you will get the special eye candy treat to behold a rare beautiful sight: a triple conjunction of the planet Saturn, the bright star Spica and our moon.

02 May 2012

Astronomy: Sky Watch Biggest 2012 Super Moon Saturday

Washington Moonrise
Photo by Tim McCord in Entiat, Washington on 19 March 2011

From Denny:  Look up in the night sky this weekend for the most awesome extra-large and extra-bright moon viewing for the entire year of 2012.  The spectacular Super Moon will be showing off its size and brightness on 5 May 2012 at 11:35PM EDT.  It will swing in closer at 221,802 miles (356,955 kilometers) from Earth.

Why will the moon appear to be so large and bright?  Turns out this month's full moon also coincides with the time when the moon is closest in its approach to Earth, called the moon's perigee.

Another factor for this Super Moon show is because the perigee in this month will be the closest to Earth of any for this year, varying only by three percent.  How is that so?  According to meteorologist Joe Rao, Space.com's skywatching columnist, "it happens because the moon's orbit is not perfectly circular."

How much brighter will the Super Moon be this month?  Try an extra 16 percent brighter than average.  Now that makes for great skywatching, even with the naked peepers (eyes).

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