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05 April 2010

What Do All the Recent Global Earthquakes Mean?

From Denny: Yesterday, Easter afternoon, at the border of Mexico and America at Baja, California was an unexpected 7.2 earthquake. Since January there have been significant magnitude earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. Are these earthquakes related?

Lucy Jones, a seismologist from the U.S. Geological Survey, talks on The Today Show. When asked how long the aftershocks can go on after this big quake in Mexico: "With a magnitude 7 earthquake the aftershocks can go on for years," she said. "As it is, a magnitude 7 earthquake happens once or twice a month all over the world. This time it happened to be near where there were a lot of people."

As to how the global earthquakes are related she talked about how they "all come out of the same process." Sounds like scientists are reluctant, without sufficient data, to link the earthquakes except through process. She did talk about how long a fault line is can affect how far away the earthquake is felt. In this case of the Mexico quake it had a long fault line.

So, my question is: "With long fault lines, do they act as a conduit and domino effect with other long fault lines to set off another quake around the world?" I'll get back to you when someone answers that question.

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