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23 May 2009

Brain: The Essential Guide to Effective Decision Making

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From Denny: It's been a while since I've linked you to the wonderful and interesting LiteMind site. They haven't been posting every week. This is their latest article. They always write about more efficient and innovative ways to better use our minds. LiteMind has quite a following on Twitter too; you might want to follow them there as well.

From blog owner Luciano Passuello (Brazil) an excerpt from his post:

"The PrOACT Approach to Decision Making

The PrOACT approach (outlined in the book Smart Choices) is by far the best model for decision making that I have seen. It helps you see both the tangible and intangible aspects of your situation more clearly and to translate all pertinent facts, feelings, opinions, beliefs and advice into the best possible decision.

‘PrOACT’ is a mnemonic that stands for five key elements in the model:

Problem statement





The method consists of examining each of these core elements separately, using them to clarify and organize your thoughts as you go."

For the rest of this informative article just click on the title link.

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